GSD (GSDToken)

We have been working and nurturing the SeedersBlock visions for over 1 year before we finally launched, we are passionately driven to see creativity receive real attention and rewards they deserve. This is not a profit-making venture for us but a project to give creative people what they deserve. Over the years we have studied the trend and the impact of social media platforms and its positive effect in bringing people together but we noticed some level of unfair treatments to the content owners and sharers on these social media platforms. SeedersBlock. As we call it, is a solution we offer using the Ethereum Blockchain by creating a decentralized content sharing platform that rewards its users with Getseeds Tokens, an ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum Blockchain With in-app wallet system that is fast, low transaction fees, in-built marketplace for Seeders to automatically monetize their goods and services and simple to use advertisement interphase and advanced dashboard system which enables each user to build their own creative portfolios. We bring you into a community that is solution driven. The world is constantly accelerating, it is important that we all join the revolution that brings about solutions to the problems we can all see. With SeedersBlock and Getseeds project we are offering a lasting solution to the creative industry

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